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Following in their Dad’s footsteps, Hunter and Carson love to ride unicycles!! Unbelievably, both started their unicycle riding at the age of just two years old! They have continued to blossom into exceptionally talented performers. You may even call them daredevils, as they courageously ride atop unicycles 6 feet tall! They have taken a huge interest in the craziest bikes, always eager to assist their Dad in constructing outrageously unique, one-of-a-kind unicycles.

Extremely small 2 inch wheel unicycle and bicycle!
Tall Unicycles - 6 Feet!
Three Wheel Stacked Unicycles
Five Wheel Stacked Unicycles
Zig Zag Unicycles
Very Unique Rocket Cycle

They have dazzled audiences all across the U.S., displaying their own creative unicycle routine. You won’t believe your eyes as to what these kids can do!

Just like their Dad, both Hunter and Carson show their daring personalities as they ride their unicycles on ice!

You can see Hunter and Carson in action every summer entertaining at the Tommy Bartlett Ski, Sky & Stage Show in Wisconsin Dells, WI.


Shows & Attractions

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TV Appearances

Chicago, IL - WGN
Chicago, IL - NBC
Milwaukee, WI - NBC
Milwaukee, WI - FOX
Madison, WI - NBC
Madison, WI - CBS
Madison, WI - ABC
Green Bay, WI - FOX
Rockford, IL - FOX

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