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Gayle-Howell1T.J.’s wife, Gayle, will entertain your audience with her unique way to hula hoop! She displays an extraordinary talent by simultaneously spinning hoops around her knees, waist, neck and arms! This is definitely worth watching! Her extreme coordination and distinct style will mystify you, as she twists her sparkling hula hoops in many creative patterns. 

Her performance proves to be powerful and graceful, as she spins in constant motion more hoops than you can count!

For Gayle’s dynamic finale, beautiful swirling colors fill the stage, with her unique led hoops. You will be in absolute awe!

“Thank you so much! Amazing talent!” - Hartung Company

“Beautiful performance, we thoroughly enjoyed it.” - Gateway Playhouse

"My daughters really loved your hula hooping!" - YMCA Indian Princess




Shows & Attractions

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Clients & Appearances

Kalahari Resort
Hartung Company
Arthritis Foundation
Gateway Playhouse
Iowa Sports Show
YMCA Indian Princess


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