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T.J. is originally from Kentucky. He grew up learning the entertainment business firsthand from his parents, who were accomplished performers. His mom was an amazing aerialist and his Dad an extraordinary animal trainer. T.J. realized at a very young age that he shared his parents love for the spotlight. He took an interest in juggling and soon after created his own act, combining his juggling with unicycle riding. He has never looked back and has always been motivated to learn more and more. When not practicing or performing, T.J. enjoys fishing and playing golf. He also loves playing basketball and football with his two sons.


Gayle is originally from Oshkosh, WI. She has a degree in broadcasting from Winona State University in MN. Gayle keeps busy with designing and creating promotional material for her husbands unique profession. During the summer season, Gayle is employed at the Tommy Bartlett Show in WI as the shows Sound Technician. She took an interest in juggling from a young age and now really enjoys having T.J. to practice with! She loves warm weather and the outdoors. Hiking and having campfires are her most favorite outdoor activities.


Hunter plays lots of sports, basketball and soccer being his favorite. He, along with his Dad and brother, love to watch NFL football and NBA basketball games and keep track of their favorite teams wins. In between his sports and school, he spends his free time developing his freestyle unicycle skills on his mountain unicycle. He also has taken an interest in snowboarding in the winter.



Carson has achieved many high scores in school. He is one of the best in his class! Carson also loves sports and plays basketball and soccer like his brother. One of his favorite teams is the Wisconsin Badgers. In the summer, his favorite thing to do is to ride his motorcycle and four wheeler! Also, he has become an avid gamer on his Playstation 3, playing online with his friends and having fun.


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